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Our tutoring positions are specifically designed to help Stanford University students and alumni share their expertise and teaching talent with the community. We offer an attractive salary. However, pay is only one positive factor in our tutors' experience. Instructors choose to work with us because of our sound educational philosophy and our commitment to creating an enriching experience for both our students and our team.

One of the things that sets us apart from other tutoring organizations is that we’ve invested time to build strong educational programs, and we have the proper structures in place to ensure quality teaching and learning. All of our instructors are hired, trained, and supported as employees within the company. We are very respectful of our instructors work schedules, and everyone is paid for all of the time they work including: training, preparation, and travel time.

As a Stutors instructor, you will be able to dedicate your time to one set of students and see them progress throughout the school year. Enrichment Tutorial and Test Preparation Instructors have the oppurtunity to design curricula, teach, and assess student progress. We've dramatically altered how some of our students think about themselves, and permanently improved the trajectory of their lives. If you want to make a difference now, apply to join our team!

Our learning center is purposely located close to campus so that busy grads can pop in before or after lab and teach for a few hours. We are 2.2 miles from the center of Stanford - about 12 minutes by bike via the bike bridge that connects Stanford West Apartments to Menlo Park. We're 5 minutes by car from SLAC.

We are hiring experienced instructors for our 2015-2016 team. Download the Stutors Tutor Application Form.

Hiring Criteria

Stanford affiliation is just a minimum application requirement. Instructors are selected for Expertise, Experience, Teaching Skill, and Leadership upon careful review of application and resume, interview, and reference checks.

Basic Requirements

  • Tutors must be Stanford University students, graduates or faculty.
  • Tutors must be experts in the subjects they teach.
  • Tutors must have prior teaching or tutoring experience.
  • Tutors must be able to dedicate a minimum of 8 hours a week to tutoring until June 8, 2016. Please note: Hours are assigned based on client needs and there is no guarantee of hours. Instructors may work during the summer, but we do not hire for summer only.
  • A car is not required.

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