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Program Manager: Trac Dang

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Teaching Schedule

We teach Monday-Thursday and Sunday 8AM-10PM.

Fall Enrollment opens August 20. New students are invited to enroll starting September 20.

Summer enrollment opens April 1st and is usually closed by mid-May.

Stutors Enrichment Tutorials

The Tutorial system is a time-honored teaching method - and an integral component of such world-renowned educational institutions as Cambridge and Oxford. Tutorials are classes of one - with a fully developed course curriculum - in which the tutor provides intensive, in-depth instruction to an individual student. Tutorial students benefit from both the disciplined learning that only a structured course can provide, and the attention and guidance that only one-to-one tutoring affords.

We are in a position to offer tutorials because of our exceptional instructors. Learn more about Stutors' Educational Team.

Stutors Enrichment Tutorials are designed for students looking for a dynamic, in-depth learning experience - whether your goal is to discover ease and enjoyment in a subject you’ve always struggled with, or delve a whole lot deeper into a subject you already love. We will take as much time as we need to help you learn the material, show you how to approach the subject like an expert, and help you find and explore elements of the discipline that interest you.


  • Engage strengths, address gaps, and inspire students to participate in their own education and take their learning to the next level


We design an individual course curriculum for each student, and make academically appropriate adjustments in response to the student's learning style, pace, and developing interest in the subject matter.

Most Requested Tutorials:

  • Reading Comprehension and Writing for Elementary School Students

  • Critical Reading and Writing for Middle School Students

  • English Literature Analysis and Essay Composition for High School Students

  • Mathematics: Foundational Math to Calculus - for Elementary, Middle, and High School Students

Some of the Special Tutorials we've Taught:

  • Creative Writing - for an elementary school student

  • Environmental Science - for an elementary school student

  • Physics - for a middle school student

  • Topics in U.S. History - in preparation for APUSH

  • Topics in Biology - in preparation for AP Bio

  • French - for an adult beginner

Call us for a consultation! We can discuss your goals, interests, and experience, and draft a plan for your learning. We always give an honest assessment of our expertise. We only offer courses in which we can provide the highest quality instruction.

Schedule and Tuition

Tutorial schedules are set in advance so that we can plan curriculum and teach each course properly. The average Enrichment Tutorial is 15 2-hour lessons.

  • K-3rd grade students study for 90 minutes. Beginning in 4th grade, most students schedule 2 hour practices.

  • For Summer Enrichment Tutorials, students usually meet 3-5 times per week for 3-5 weeks.

  • During the school year, students meet 1 or 2 times per week.

Tuition includes: private one-to-one lessons, tailored homework assignments, and all books and materials. Tuition for a 30 hour course is $3,450, and is due upon enrollment.

We offer a limited number of Enrichment Tutorials. Preference is given to families who have experienced our Academic Tutoring and Test Preparation programs.

Hello Christina, I just wanted to let you, that it was a huge benefit for Courtney to take the Geometry Math Session this summer. She was able to grasp the concepts and gain the confidence needed for this year's class. Tori was amazing. She not only opened her eyes to learning the subject, but prepared her to start thinking about other options for her future. She truly has a special gift and her passion for education is priceless. I highly recommend the Stutors. Many students should take advantage of all the services that you provide.

Mother of Presentation High School Sophomore, San Jose

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