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Is Stutors Academic Tutoring right for me? [Return to Top]

Our academic tutoring program is a good match for students who would like to build effective study habits and sound academic planning skills through consistent practice.

Our program is not a good match for students whose sports or extracurricular activities do not allow them to commit to a consistent schedule. Because we focus on cumulative learning, we do not offer intermittent tutoring on an "as needed" or "emergency" basis.

How does scheduling for Academic Tutoring work? [Return to Top]

We set a consistent weekly meeting time with each student. Students can make adjustments with 24-hour notice. We teach Mondays-Thursdays and Sundays 8am-10pm.

Do you teach study skills? [Return to Top]

Yes. We want all of our students to develop the study habits they need to manage their own education and succeed on their own: Course Planning, Time Management, Exam Preparation, Organization, Note Taking, and Review. We show students how to use these study tools in the context of their coursework and encourage consistent practice so they can build life-long skills.

Will you contact teachers for us? [Return to Top]

No. In order to keep communications between parents, students, and teachers clear and simple, we do not contact teachers for families. We encourage families to obtain course information early on in the tutoring process, we will incorporate this information into your study plan.

Managing student-teacher communication is an essential study skill. We encourage students to take charge of their learning, by teaching them the communication skills they need to work effectively with their teachers.

Do you give assessment tests? [Return to Top]

Since we have the privilege of teaching our students one-to-one, assessment is ongoing and integrated; we continually monitor our students' progress. As we identify problem areas, we teach students the skills they need to master the material. Parents can always get a detailed assessment of exactly which skills their child needs to work on by reading lesson notes and communicating with our instructors directly. Knowing that students take more than enough tests at school, we do not spend time on additional formal written exams in Academic Tutoring.

How do I track my child's progress? [Return to Top]

We post lesson notes after each session detailing what we accomplished and key concepts our students should focus on during the week. Parents stay in touch with the learning process by reading lesson notes online, reviewing their student's work, and talking to us. Our students usually see improvements in their tests and coursework after 3-6 lessons.

Do you help students with learning challenges? [Return to Top]

Yes. We work with many students with Dyslexia, ADHD, and other learning differences. However, we are not experts at identifying learning disabilities or creating specialized plans for students with learning challenges. We follow the programs outlined by our students' parents, teachers, and educational specialists.

How do you select instructors for your team? [Return to Top]

Stanford affiliation is just a minimum requirement for applying to join our team. Our strong reputation within the Stanford community gives us the luxury of choosing from a large pool of highly qualified applicants. Instructors are selected after careful review of resume and application, a rigorous two-hour interview, including presentation of a sample lesson, and reference checks.

Hiring criteria:

  • Expertise: Our tutors only teach subjects in which they specialize.
  • Experience: Our tutors have a passion for teaching - and it shows. Many members of our team began their teaching careers at a very young age!
  • Teaching Skill: Our tutors are clear, organized, and responsive to diverse learning styles.
  • Leadership: Our instructors are dedicated professionals. Each has the ability to instill confidence, and the capacity to engage and inspire.

Consistency and communication are fundamental to a strong educational program. We provide ongoing professional support, monitoring student-tutor success through lesson notes, and regular communication with parents, students and tutors.

What if my first tutor is not the right match? [Return to Top]

The best tutoring relationships are ones in which the student is comfortable asking questions, discussing problems, and actively engaging in the work. We are committed to making sure that you are in a comfortable and effective tutoring relationship. If you think you could learn more effectively with someone else on our team, we will work to find you the best fit.

Do you offer summer programs? [Return to Top]

Yes. Summer is a good time for students to build foundational skills and prepare for exams.

How do I get started? [Return to Top]

Contact us. We'll be happy to talk with you and let you know if we are a good fit for your needs.

Program Manager: Trac Dang

650.283.3636 M-Th 10-6

Call us to get started!

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