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Elementary School

The Stutors came just at the right time for our family. We were in need of a tutor to work with our 8-year old daughter to help her develop her writing skills, improve her study skills, and help to increase her confidence. Our tutor has been working with us for eight months and now our 10-year old daughter has requested tutoring in math too. The Stutors are professional, compassionate, and communicative with on-going and proactive discussions between us and our tutor. Thanks Stutors!

The Nichols, Parent of a 3rd grader at Santa Rita Elementary School, Los Altos

I am the parent of a 5th grade son at Monteloma Elementary School, in Mountain View, California. As a 4th grade student, my son experienced significant difficulty and low academic achievement in math. Despite his efforts and the extra support from his teacher and me, he struggled with basic math concepts and retention.

I enrolled my son with The Stutors Tutorial program in July 2004, and since that time, I have seen marked improvement in test scores and increased confidence not only in math, but in other academic areas as well. Our Stutors tutor has helped my son learn new skills and discover new abilities in math, while meeting his special instructional needs.

In my experience, the Stutors program offers an effective tutorial program which fosters results-oriented intervention through parent and teacher partnering. In addition, the materials and instructional strategies used are multi-sensory, including hands on, manipulatives and concept formation, designed to strengthen study skills, improve focusing techniques and complement regular school instructional plans.

If you are looking for a tutorial program that provides guidance, assistance and a supportive environment to improve academic success, the Stutors tutorial program is the answer. I highly recommend the Stutors!

Monica, Parent of a 5th grader at Monteloma Elemtary School, Mountain View

This letter is to acknowledge the skillful and caring work done by Stutors. This past summer, my Kindergartner needed help to reach the necessary skill-level required for a first-grader entering a local top-ranked elementary school in Los Altos. I found Stutors to be very interested in tailoring a program to meet my child's needs, and very flexible in working out a suitable schedule. My child definitely benefited from the time he spent last summer with Christina. Christina took the time to get to know my child and his learning style, and then designed an approach and selected materials specific to his needs. I recommend Stutors to other parents looking for an alternative to the canned tutoring solutions being offered by large corporations that require large financial and time commitments up front and less flexibility.

Paula Phipps, Los Altos

Ilan really liked working with John yesterday. He thinks he'll really be able to help him out. I'd also like to add that I think he'll be a good role model for Ilan. John told Ilan that he had to take Algebra 1 twice. Ilan made the connection that even though he may have struggled then, he's going to Stanford now. I could hear the relief in Ilan's voice. Thanks.

Ruth-Anne Siegel, Parent of a JLS 8th Grader, Palo Alto

Middle School / High School

Hi my name is Eric Felder and David was my tutor who helped me have my most successful year at Menlo-Atherton High School. He claimed his expertise was in Spanish, but his talents for all subjects clearly stood out as well. David is by far one of the nicest and most respectful human beings I have ever met. Before our meetings he would create examples and exercises that were helpful for understanding the material. David is the type of man who doesn't take "NO" for an answer, we would work on a problem or assignment until I understood the material perfectly. It was this type of commitment which helped me thrive during the school year.

Eric Felder, Menlo Atherton High School Sophomore, Menlo Park

Betsy is terrific! Easy to get a hold of. Great grasp of the subject material. Erin loves the sessions -- wish we would have stared earlier!

Mother of a Saint Francis High School Student

We've been working with Stutors for the past 14 months and couldn't be happier with your tutors and your very responsive service. In the fall of 2004 my sophomore daughter received a D in Biology so we started talking to possible tutors. After speaking with Christina of Stutors we felt a Stanford student or graduate would be an excellent choice. We felt our daughter would relate better to someone close to her age and not someone she viewed as a "teacher." After learning about our daughter you matched her up with Yvonne who turned out to be a fabulous personality match and because the chemistry between them "clicked" the teaching and learning was easy and natural. My daughter's grade and understanding of High School Biology improved immediately and continued climbing to her final grade of a B.

Later that same school year my daughter needed help in raising her Spanish 2 grade and once again you match her up with Avni, an excellent tutor who helped her raise her grade an entire grade point in a very short time. When that tutor was out of town for her school break we didn't miss a tutoring session as you provided an excellent substitute tutor.

This school year we started the year with a Chemistry tutor with the anticipation our daughter might benefit from one on one teaching. Bingo - you did it again and matched her up with Katie who she has thoroughly enjoyed working with and who has made Chemistry enjoyable and understandable. Then when my daughter's US History Grade hit a C- mainly because she was getting poor test scores I talked with Katie and found out she was also tutoring other students in US History. Katie worked with my daughter for 2 sessions before a major test and my daughter received a B+ on the test when all her other tests were Ds.

In summary we couldn't be happier with the "one stop shopping" you offer. I haven't had to search far and wide for a selected subject-related tutor each time my daughter has needed assistance. One phone call and I know you'll match her up with just the right tutor. Thank you so much. I don't know what we would have done without Stutors.

Cathy, Mother of a Saint Francis Junior, San Carlos

Our son, Danny has always loved Science and has always excelled in this subject. As a Sophomore at St. Francis we were warned about a particular teacher who was beyond difficult. Danny got her. He began the first (interim) grading period with a D. We panicked, but our panic soon turned to comfort as we began a weekly program with the Stutors. His mark popped a whole grade in the second 6 week interim period and we are looking forward to one more pop in that grade for the first semester coming up.

This would not have happened without the outstanding help from the tutors representing the Stutors. We have used three different "Stutors", each has been on Danny's level (read cool) and has focused on the material that is most important to his success.

Jim and Leslie Lodestro, Parents of a Saint Francis High School Sophomore, Los Altos

Andrew was wonderful because he was able to communicate the algebra material well and also relate well to Rachel. His knowledge, teaching ability and personal skills were a winning combination.

Mother of 7th Grader, Palo Alto

Thank you! He got an A on his first test after starting his tutoring with Kris! That is an increase of an F to an A! WOW!

Linda, Mother of a Belmont High School Sophomore, San Carlos

Thank you for referring us to Andrew Weiser Marienberg, who tutored my son Will in A.P. U.S. History for a month or so last semester. As you know, Will was sinking fast in the course -- he had a C mid-semester, with three critical tests looming on the horizon: the course final, the AP exam and the SAT II. Andrew saved him from sinking even further, as I'm sure would have been his fate. He ended up with an 82% in the course and a score of 660 on the SAT II test. We are still awaiting the results of the AP exam.

What struck me about Andrew was his mix of professionalism and accessibility -- he made me feel comfortable that he would hold up his end of the bargain and do his very best to get Will up to speed, and he was sufficiently "cool" and interesting enough to engage my teenage son who was not exactly chomping at the bit to meet with a tutor in a subject he didn't really care for. Andrew was always on time (or early) to the sessions, responded promptly to calls and emails, and made himself available to suit our schedule. Plus, he really knew his subject matter. My only regret is that I didn't call you earlier and get Andrew onboard at the beginning of the second semester. I believe Andrew has a gift for teaching and should he pursue that career path, he'll help and inspire many more kids like my son, Will. Thank you.

Maryann Derwin, Mother of a Sacred Heart Sophomore, Portola Valley

Thank you very much for everything. Using your company has been the best investment for Megan's future!

Parents of a Palo Alto High School Freshman, Palo Alto

Dear Christina: Over the last two years, Cameron has worked with several of your math and science tutors(4 tutors), as well as with you and Jillian on SAT preparation. Each and every one of you has been outstanding beyond our expectations. With youthful enthusiasm, along with an impressive knowledge of the subject matter, you and your tutors have engaged Cameron and enhanced his understanding of the material in a successful way. Your tutors have all been warm, personable, responsible and very well prepared. We are ardent fans of your service and will continue to recommend you to our friends.

Thank you again for all your help. Your SAT tutoring made quite an impact! Kudos to you and your tutors for doing such a fine job. Now, if you can find a way to tutor motivation and self-direction, I'll nominate you for a Nobel Peace Prize!

Jan Tuber, Mother of a Woodside High School Junior, Emerald Hills

I was thinking that meeting two times a month with Tom would be very beneficial to my math grade. Tutoring has already helped to raise my grade over 5% this quarter, and with the knowledge, skills and tricks Tom taught me, I got a 90% on my Math final, so please thank him for tutoring me so far.

Nate Taylor, Gunn High School Sophomore, Palo Alto

Your program is very efficient! We have only had one tutor, but most likely will need to utilize your program again in the future!

Susan Transeth, Parent of a Serra High School Senior, San Carlos

Katie tutored my son Paul for four months (11/04-3/05), primarily in English and writing, with some occasional help in Chemistry. Katie was an excellent tutor who helped my son organize his thoughts so that he could write a cohesive paper. She would ask him questions to help him develop an outline and introductory paragraph for his papers. From there, the assignments did not seem so daunting for Paul, and he could then complete them on his own. Katie was always very positive in her constructive comments and suggestions so that my son did not feel intimidated when he asked her a question. She also encouraged him to use a thesaurus to expand his vocabulary when writing. I asked Paul for his comments. He said, "she helped me get organized and get my thoughts down on paper."

Lynda Eichler, Mother of a Pinewood High School Sophomore, Woodside

Katie has been a very positive influence on our daughter's mastering the skills in performing in a subject (English Literature) in which she had been struggling. Katie is a very personable, intelligent, sensitive person. She is easy to work with and she has great communication skills. We all love her. (Including Bubba our mutt!)

Mother of a Sacred Heart High School Junior, Hillsborough

My (Algebra I) grade went from a C+ to an A-!

Katherine Douglas, Woodside High School Freshman, Woodside

Rocio has done a wonderful job with Michael. His overall intensity with academics has increased. He seems to be enjoying Spanish more and learning a good foundation for next year.

David Hanabusa, Father of Palo Alto High School Freshman, Palo Alto

Lauren was wonderful -- what a lovely and bright young woman. We give her the highest recommendation!

Helayna Thickpenny, Mother of a St. Francis Senior, Menlo Park

Michael has been a huge help to Franny. We couldn't be happier. If he plans to tutor next year, we'd like to sign up now and reserve a spot!

Molly Coxe, Mother of a Palo Alto Sophomore, Palo Alto

Larry was great! He did a great job of making chemistry a little more enjoyable for Jordan.

Suzie Whitmer, Mother of a St. Francis High School Junior, Redwood City

Victor is great. Flexible on times, well versed in the subject matter and very pleasant. My kids Adam and Elliot really like him!

My sons both received A's on a logic test that David tutored them on for three hours. One son had two hours, the other had one hour. The first time I dropped off my son, I knew I was going to be about 10 minutes late and so I asked that my son simply wait outside the building until I got there. I was pleasantly surprised to find that he was still in session when I got there, leaving me with the impression that this tutor wasn't simply watching the clock to get through the session, that he was more focused on helping my kid. He had a very pleasant manner and both my teenage sons liked him and felt he 'knew his stuff'. In addition to helping them with the material, he instilled them with a sense of confidence that they were prepared for the test.

Mother of two Gunn High School Freshman, Palo Alto

The Stutors system is very professional. Amanda has been great for both my high schoolers, and both of their math grades have gone up! We are all very pleased. Thank you!

Karen Gould, Mother of two Palo Alto High School Freshmen, Palo Alto

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your services and for finding such a wonderful tutor for Eugene. Neil has gone above and beyond what I expected from a tutor. First I was impressed by his caliber as a person -- his personality, manners, level of caring, intelligence, education and ability to teach are all qualities of high merit. After working with him, I found that his punctuality and flexibility (of schedule during sports season) were qualities I also valued. And lastly, when Neil showed up on a Sunday to help Eugene prepare for his final exams, I knew how special a person he truly is.

Neil helped Eugene move from a desperate struggle with pre-calculus to finishing in the top third of his class in the qualifying test for next year's college calculus course. He is much more confident about himself and his abilities. Eugene and Neil have already discussed setting up a schedule for next year and I may come to you for additional tutors and Eugene is insisting on taking four AP classes.

I have confidently recommended your services to several families and will continue to do so whenever I have to opportunity.

Sally Albert, Mother of a Woodside High School Sophomore, Redwood City

We have really enjoyed working with Katie for the second year. We are going to miss her!

Lynda Eichler, Mother of a Pinewood Junior, Woodside

Rebecca loved Olivia's positive approach and she explained things in a way that really helped Rebecca understand the concepts. It was always easy to set up a tutoring time with Olivia. I could always reach her on her cell phone. If I need to leave a message, she would always call me back in a timely fashion. She was the BEST math tutor Becca's ever had!

Beverly Learman, Mother of a San Mateo High School Junior, San Mateo

Marius has been a very valuable support to Ben this year in pre-calculus. He has provided him with the tools to do well. He has a quiz at the beginning of the session which is very good. He has good rapport -- is focus but can enjoy the students. Great job!

Kate Parnes, Mother of a Woodside High School Junior, Emerald Hills

Thanks again for your amazing service... I highly recommend to anyone when the topic of tutoring comes up!

Mary Lacerte, Mother of a St. Francis High School Senior, Los Gatos

Kathryn, thanks for suggesting Naupaka. He is an excellent fit for my daughter. He goes above and beyond, finding books that he thinks are helpful, drawing charts and pictures! She got 90% in her last Biology test.

Parent of a Woodside High School Freshman, Redwood City

College / Life Long Learners

I appreciate my tutor, Simha. He helped me in my chemistry class. Because of his guidance, I was able to go through all of the chapters. He explained in a wonderful way for me to understand the parts I was in trouble. He is not only good at teaching, but also kind and sincere, a person you can trust. I recommend him for anyone who is thinking of tutoring.

K.R., Mountain View

Larry was awesome! I worked with him for a short time and he made math so easy to understand. He was easy to communicate with and I didn't feel bad if I didn't understand it the first time. Hopefully I will be able to work with him more often!

Christina Canessa, Canada College Undergraduate (Recipient of Math Tutoring), Menlo Park

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