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Hi Christina:

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all the support and guidance your firm and in particular Mitchell Scott provided Spencer in his preparation for the SSAT test. Mitchell is a fantastic guy and a great tutor and Spencer responded so well to him. His scores from the National test on Dec 13th were great and he won't be repeating the test.

Cate Hanley, Woodside

I want to thank you for all the great work you have done with Corinna. She was very happy with all the sessions she did with you and she said that you explained things very well and were very patient. She says she understands fractions now for example and obviously the benefit of this goes way beyond any short-term needs which is what really matters. I hope we will be able to Stutor in the future some time. Many thanks again to you for all your help and for working with us.

Joy and Jan, Parents of a 5th Grader at the French American International School preparing for the ISEE, San Francisco


We want to thank you so much for the great help you gave our son Sammy, with his goal of increasing his SAT scores this fall. You provided him with a structure and a way of learning that allowed him to perform much better, raising his score a full 100 points. Best of all, he felt very positive about the time together with you and the way you taught him how to maximize his test taking abilities which will continue to serve him well in his college years. You seemed to know just what he needed and we were more than happy with the results of this good match. We would be glad to recommend you and your group to other parents and students who are searching for an excellent study and tutor program. We are quite happy with Sam's acceptances to some fine schools and he is looking very forward to starting as a freshman at UC San Diego in the fall.

Joyce and Ira Kart, Parents of a Gunn High School Senior, Palo Alto

I had been taking group classes at the Princeton Review (without very much success) before I discovered the Stutors in the 12th grade. The program was more affordable, the schedule was more flexible, and I was given the opportunity to work one-on-one with a Stanford Graduate. When I began the Stutors program I was trying to prepare for the upcoming SAT II Writing test. My tutor was smart, capable, and knew exactly how to help me. In a two week period I brought my old score up from a 670 to an 800! Afterwards I stayed with the Stutors to get help on my college essays. I cannot thank my tutor enough for the wonderful job she did. I wholeheartedly recommend this program!

Pam Noble, Gunn High School Senior, Palo Alto

Just wanted to let you know how Cheryl did on her SAT I exam. She was not nervous or anxious during the days prior to the exam as most of her classmates were. Cheryl felt she was well prepared and confident she will score higher than her first SAT I exam. This was a good sign because I knew stress and anxiety would not affect her test performance. After the exam, I asked her how it all went. She told me that the tutoring sessions have definitely helped her both in strategy and speed. Thanks for preparing Cheryl for the SAT I! Now with SAT II just around the corner, I feel I have entrusted Cheryl in good hands for her upcoming subject tests. Andrew was methodical and detailed with US history which was one of Cheryl's weakest subject. US history finally made sense for her and the way Andrew had presented it, not a boring subject anymore! Eunyoung has been patient and wonderful in helping Cheryl with Literature, one of the most difficult subject to master and Cheryl feels she has improved on literary interpretation. Neil has already set up a strategic plan for Cheryl in getting the most done for Math Level II with the short amount of time left. Cheryl thinks he is a great tutor! And we will be needing him for Physics! It is beyond kindness for you to refer Neil to us just to adjust to Cheryl's school schedule, thank you. And thank you again, for referring Katherine at Admissions Academy as a Academic Counselor. She has given us valuable information and advice regarding College Application. I have praised your work and the improvement I saw in Cheryl to other parents. I hope you will expand your services to include San Francisco, so that struggling students and despairing parents in San Francisco will have an opportunity to use your services!

Mary Choi, Parent of San Francisco High School Senior, San Francisco

Christina's emphasis on vocabulary and her math strategies helped raise my score from a 1450 and 1410 to a 1540! Without her, I wouldn't have been able to break 1500.

Cecelia, Castilleja Senior, Palo Alto

This letter is to recommend The Stutors tutoring and college preparatory services. My son, a high school junior, began working with the tutor at the beginning of the year in preparation for the April SAT I test. Christina Lee, the Director, responded right away to my initial inquiries, listened carefully, and then assigned my son to an individual tutor, with whom my son and I then conducted most of our business. After a couple of sessions with my son, she re-evaluated the meeting schedule to better tailor to his needs. On the morning of the April exam day, both he and I were confident that he was well prepared.

My son's scores on the exam were satisfactorily high in all sections. (Michelle's son achieved a 2260 on his first shot and will not be taking the exam again.) His father and I feel that his work with the Stutors was responsible for higher scores than we would have expected without all the practice they provided.

At all times, I found the director and the tutor to be responsive, courteous, personable, and involved in my son's success. During the course of his study, we turned to the Stutors with timing and content questions concerning one of his upcoming AP exams, and both the Director and the tutor were quick to lookup the answers and get back to us. Considering that in today's world the subject of college entrance is such an enormous one, it is very nice indeed to be able to turn to the Stutors!

Michelle A. Green, Parent of a Woodside Priory Junior, Portola Valley

We were very pleased with the tutoring provided for my son in Economics, Spanish, and ACT Preparation. Each tutor was well prepared and provided the support needed to cover the content and test taking strategies. Thank you!

Gail Price, Parent of a Gunn Senior, Palo Alto

This was a great experience and I cannot say enough good things about Max!

Mother of St. Francis Junior, Mountain View

You guys did a great job for David and he was admitted everwhere he applied, including 3 UCs! I don't think that would have happened without your SAT help.

I made him book a tour at Santa Cruz. We went the day before decision day and by the end of the tour he had chosen Santa Cruz. It's such a good place for him, he simply fits in at UCSC. He's majoring in English, and applying to the Creative Writing program. Thank you.

Ken Poulton, Parent of a Gunn High School Senior, Palo Alto

Hi Christina,

First of all, let me say how wonderful Kathryn and Naupauka were as tutors. Evan worked hard, but he really got a lot out of his sessions with Kathryn and Naupauka. We'll wait on the SAT 1 test results, but Evan definitely went into the test feeling confident and prepared. Thank you! - Parent of a Palo Alto High School Senior, Palo Alto

SUBJECT: Math SAT II Scores: I got an 800! Thank you so much! - Evan

SUBJECT: ACT Scores: Hello sir, The scores are in. I am pleased. English: 36 Math: 35 Reading: 32 Science: 28 Composite: 33 They don't have my writing yet. But I am now awesome. Thank you very much, sir. - Evan

Palo Alto High School Parent and Student, Palo Alto

Hi Kathryn and Christina: We got the SAT test results and they improved by 260 points, with an 800 in Math and a 730 in Critical Reading! He has come a long way - thanks to the wonderful instruction from you two. We cannot tell you how much better it makes us feel. Thank you for the wonderful guidance. Keep up the excellent instruction. And Kathryn, please guide him through the essay and college application process. Our gratitude and good wishes are always with you.

Meera and Shyam Nediyanchath, Parents of an Ann Sobrato High School Senior, San Jose

Dear Christina: Thank you, thank you, thank you. We are so, so happy to have Ashraf back...he is such a wonderful talented young man...we count our blessings. :) I'm so happy that my daughter has role models like you, Ashraf and Timmit. Meeting/talking to young people like you brings me an enormous sense of relief that she will not lack in people to inspire her. For this, thank you very much. I think Ashraf and Timmit were among the first she called way back on Oct. 1, 2007, when she got accepted (very, very early!) to Stanford. Her gratitude will last a lifetime.

Pushpa Menon, Mother of a Gunn High School Senior, Palo Alto


Eunyoung was wonderful! She gave me a detailed and focused help that really made a difference in my scores. I am an older student and her prep was essential to my sucess!

Recipient of GRE Tutoring, Palo Alto

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