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All of our tutors are Stanford educated - but Stanford affiliation is just a minimum application requirement. Our strong reputation within the Stanford community gives us the luxury of choosing the best instructors from a large pool of highly qualified applicants - and our rigorous selection process ensures that every team member is a consummate educator.

2010 Hiring Statistics: Of the 50 Stanford-educated candidates who completed our 6-page application, 18 were selected to meet with us for a two-hour interview, sample lesson presentation, and reference review. Of those, just 12 were invited to join our staff.

  • Expertise: Our tutors only teach subjects in which they specialize.
  • Experience: Our tutors are experienced instructors, with a proven track record of teaching excellence.
  • Teaching Skill: Our tutors are clear, organized, and responsive to diverse learning styles.
  • Leadership: Each tutor has the ability to instill confidence, and the capacity to engage and inspire.

We take pride in our reputation for our professionalism and our ability, as university students, to connect especially well with our tutees.

Oversight and Accountability

We provide our tutors with ongoing professional development and curriculum support to ensure effective teaching and learning.

Founding Director: Christina Lee, Management Science and Engineering Stanford, 2003

Like so many of our tutors, I began teaching young. Yet, I never planned to become an educator. Dismayed by the low pay, lack of support, and lack of respect afforded most teachers in the U.S, my parents (who hold degrees in education administration), discouraged me from pursuing a teaching career, steering me instead toward more "viable" professions. And my acceptance at Stanford seemed to reinforce their advice - how would I repay my student loans on a teachers salary?

But watching my Stanford classmates struggle to reconcile a passion for teaching with their desire to work in a supportive environment, I began to rethink. These exceptionally bright, inspired young people are precisely the people we need teaching our nation's youth. We need to keep them teaching. My personal mission is to give local students access to these rockstars, by providing an educational program that recognizes, promotes, and rewards teaching excellence and innovation.

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A Small Sample of Our Extraordinary Team...

Jacqueline Grant

B.S. Biology with Honors, Minor in Chemistry, Boston College 2008
3rd year Doctoral Candidate, Neuroscience, Stanford University School of Medicine

"My goal for all of my students is that they develop the skill set they need to independently reason through challenging material, and practice the universally applicable study habits of organization and perseverance. I monitor my students' progress throughout the year, and try to use their improvement as a tool for building their self-esteem and confidence in their own scholastic abilities."

Jackie is an accomplished scientist and a dedicated educator. For her, teaching, learning and mentoring always go hand in hand. Jackie began her teaching as a Biology and Physics Teaching Assistant and College Preparation Counselor for the Young Engineering and Science Scholars Program, an intensive summer program for gifted high school students at the California Institute of Technology. While studying at Boston College, Jackie mentored her fellow classmates as an RA, connecting with her residents on a personal level while giving them the firm guidance they needed to balance their social lives with their academic pursuits. Jackie also reached out to help low-income high school students in the Boston area, building their foundational English, Writing, and Math skills as an SAT Instructor for the "Let's Get Ready" program. Here at Stanford, Jackie develops curriculum, teaches weekly discussion sections, and tutors individual medical students and neuroscience graduate students as a Teaching Assistant for the Stanford Medical School's Neurobiology course. When Jackie isn't teaching professionally, she volunteers with the Neuroscience Education Outreach Program which hosts Brain Day, and partners with the 49ers Academy to expose local middle school and high school students to the field of neuroscience research.

Jackie specializes in helping our students with English, Math, Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology. An Academic Dean's List Student for three consecutive years at Boston college, 2007 Recipient of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Scholarship, and recipient of numerous awards for her collaborative research and presentations, Jackie credits her successes to hard work and old-fashioned study skills: organization, planning, and perseverance. Jackie's favorite study tool is a simply planner; she works to help each of her students plan their study time proactively. Her favorite question: "What would you like to accomplish this week?"

Raymond Sierra

A self described "kid at heart," Raymond is a friendly, caring tutor who loves helping students explore Math and Science. Before joining the Stutors team, Raymond helped elementary school students develop their interest in science as a volunteer Service in Science Mentor for the Boys and Girls Club in Menlo Park, and tutored college engineering students for the Office of Accessible Education at Stanford - one of whom says he would not have an engineering degree today were it not for Raymond's teaching skill and dedication! Raymond specializes in helping our students with Physics, Chemistry, and all levels of Mathematics: Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, and AP Calculus. An experienced engineer and researcher, Raymond focuses on helping his students understand what each concept means, and showing them how, when, and why to use each equation, so they can gain a deeper understanding of the material and, master even the most challenging test questions!

Although, Raymond graduated with dual degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering Cum Laude and a minor in Biomechanics from University of Florida, and was named a 2008 Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Graduate Fellow, Raymond says that organization and time management skills did not come naturally to him. As his college coursework became more demanding, he realized that he simply couldn't manage all of his work unless he organized himself, and he made a conscious effort to find an organizational system that would work for him. Raymond saw far too many of his friends lose scholarships - and even the ability to graduate - simply because they didn't didn't develop good study skills, so he is eager to help his tutees practice study habits that will help them succeed. Interesting Raymond Facts: As a Mechanical Engineering Ph.D candidate at Stanford, Raymond is "investigating the fundamentals of microfluidic control and manipulation of biological species on the nanoscale and in ultrafast timescales." Loyal to his home state, Raymond is a diehard Gators fan.

Griffin Matthew

B.A. American Studies with a concentration in Health Policy, Stanford University 2010
M.A. African Studies, Stanford University - Expected Fall 2012

Griffin is an enthusiastic and encouraging tutor who is passionate about helping students learn and develop healthy study habits. For Griffin, academics, athletics, learning and mentoring have always gone hand in hand. As a participant and later volunteer coach for the Colorado Flyers Track Club - an elite track team whose mission is to help internationally ranked female sprinters win full academic scholarships - Griffin was responsible for tutoring, mentoring and coaching her younger teammates on a daily basis. (Griffin participated in the 2006 US Junior World Track and Field Team before attending Stanford University. She still holds the Colorado state long jump and 4x100m relay records.)

Here at Stanford, Griffin put her teaching skills to work in the service of the community, tutoring for the Foundations for Education program and teaching Rwandan high school students about health and wellness as a FACE AIDS volunteer. Griffin specializes in helping our students with English (reading comprehension, literary analysis, and essay composition) and History (World History, European History, and US History). Griffin's American studies coursework has given her a broad understanding of English literature (American Literature, Modern Literature and Contemporary Literature). And Griffin's International Relations and Public Policy studies, along with her experiences living in Asia, Africa, and Central America have given her a deep understanding of world history and culture. She loves helping young people understand literature and learn about of the world around them!

Griffin challenges her students to excel in both academics and extracurricular pursuits; modeling this diligence in her life, and encouraging it in her lessons. From 2006-2010, Griffin was a long jumper/sprinter for the Stanford Varsity Track and Field team. She trained for three to four hours every day while maintaining a full academic load. Named a two-time Academic All-American track and field athlete, Griffin credits her ability to excel at both academics and athletics to her organization, time management, and rigorous use of scheduling. She encourages students to schedule all of their activities - even play time! Griffin's students love her energy, and they appreciate her understanding yet proactive approach - we think you'll enjoy working with her too. Interesting Griffin Facts: Griffin plans to attend medical school and work on HIV/AIDS and infectious disease prevention in the great lakes region of Africa. Right now, Griffin is in training; she will represent Rwanda in the 2012 Summer Olympic Games!

Amy Sentis

"I take an interactive approach to teaching, alternating review material with detailed problem solving in each lesson. I encourage students to be enthusiastic about learning by demonstrating how interesting and fun the topics can be. I really enjoy tutoring and receive a great deal of satisfaction from seeing my students improve their grades. We have fun with the material and enjoy ourselves in the sessions. I've been told that my own enthusiasm with teaching is infectious."

Amy is a skilled tutor who encourages students to develop a personal interest in their own learning. Like many of our instructors, Amy discovered her talent and passion for teaching young. While she was still in high school, Amy's teacher recognized her gift for clear explanation and invited her to tutor high school physics for the HSC Academy Tuition Centre. Amy expanded her professional tutoring at the Kincoppal-Rose Bay School of the Sacred Heart where she quickly became the students' favorite English and math tutor. By the time Amy left Australia, she had a dedicated group of students and parents who were sad to loose her, but excited for her new adventures at Stanford. Here at Stutors, Amy specializes in helping our students with all levels of Math, Physics, and English. As an international student who not only mastered the Australian University admissions exams, but also managed to prepare for the US college admissions tests on her own and achieve perfect and near perfects on all of them, Amy has many excellent study habits and test taking strategies to share with her students. (Amy Achieved an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank of 99.4, which means she scored in the top 6 tenths of 1 percent of all high school students in Australia, gaining her admission to the six-year medicine program at University of New South Wales in Sydney. She also achieved perfect and near perfect scores on the SAT and SAT II Subject tests, gaining her invitations to MIT and Princeton, as well as Stanford.) We are pleased that Amy chose Stanford, and very excited to have her on our tutoring team!

Robin Trujillo

"Memorization has its place, but knowing how to logically infer or derive a concept is one of the most useful skills to have for tests, and in life." Whether she is teaching a student how to structure an argument in an English paper, or showing a student how to solve a geometry problem, Robin focuses on helping her students see how ideas flow logically from one another and make the connections that will solidify their understanding.

Robin graduated from Caltech in 2004 with both a BS in Literature with honors and a BS in Biology with honors, and she recently completed her PhD in Microbiology and Immuology from the Stanford School of Medicine in 2010. Robin loves teaching and she has always found opportunities to share her academic interest with young writers and budding scientists. She began teaching as a TA for the core freshman Biology course at Caltech, where she taught weekly sections, held office hours, and wrote and graded exams. Here in the Bay Area, Robin developed and taught the first lab-based course in Molecular Biology for the Stanford Educational Program for Gifted Youth program (EPGY). And she continues her educational outreach teaching biology and genetics to kids in 1st through 12th grade as a Volunteer Geneticist at the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose. If you "Ask a Geneticist" on their website, you might just hear back from Robin!

The breadth and depth of Robin's educational background allow her to specialize in helping our students with a surprisingly diverse set of subjects: Biology, Chemistry, and Math (Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, and AP Calculus), as well as English composition and literature. Robin helps our younger students with Foundational English (Grammar, Writing, and Reading Comprehension) and supports our high school students in Essay Composition and Literature Analysis. With a perfect score on her AP English English(5),perfect scores on her SAT Critical Reading and Writing tests(800), and near perfect scores on both her GRE Verbal and Writing tests, Robin knows how to master English writing exams and she has a lot of test preparation skills to share. Students really appreciate Robin's warmth, patience, clarity, and genuine passion for the subjects she teaches - we think you'll enjoy working with her too! Interesting Robin Facts: Robin is currently working toward her California Teaching Credential. She plans to be a high school math and chemistry teacher.

Graham Todd

B.A. English Literature, Minor in Religious Studies, Stanford University 2011

"I believe that good education relies heavily on the teacher's personalization of the lesson plan and teaching technique with special attention paid to the student's capacities and interests."

Graham is a dedicated tutor who focuses on engaging his students, and creating a comfortable environment for students to express and discuss their ideas. Before joining our team, Graham taught writing for Stanford's Educational Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY). As a Teaching Assistant for the intensive Creative Writing program, Graham lived with his high school students serving as a resident assistant, mentor, and confidant. Everyday Graham lead his students in a 3-hour tutorial to help them practice and internalize new techniques introduced in class, encouraging reluctant students to try new genres and take risks while respecting each student's interest and pace.

Graham specializes in helping our students build English language arts skills: Reading Comprehension, Essay Composition, and Literature Analysis. As a successful academic as well as the managing editor of the Leland Quarterly Undergraduate Art and Literary Magazine, Graham learned to use all of his time wisely. He has a lot of good time management and study skills he likes to share with our students!

Testimonial: Noah and I enjoyed meeting Graham, and Noah really liked the tutoring session. He said that Graham was explaining things to him in the way that "clicked", and although he remembered teachers going over similar concepts, he felt that he could remember and use them now. You were right, it was was very good for Noah to work with a male who excels in writing. Thank you! -Parent of a 7th grader, San Carlos

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