The Stutors


Our Values

  • Educational Philosophy: We integrate sound academic planning, content knowlege and skill building, and skudy skills development to promote lasting progress.

  • Respect for Individual Learning: We are committed to helping you reach your goals, and we will only recommend the lessons you need to reach those goals.

  • Quality:

    • We are committed to providing the highest quality instruction. We always give an honest assessment of our expertise and we only offer lessons in subjects in which we can provide the highest quality instruction.

    • We are committed to making sure that you are in an effective tutoring relationship. The best tutoring relationships are those in which students are comfortable asking questions, discussing problems, and actively engaging in the work. Some student-tutor pairs just work better than others. We'll work to find you the right fit.

  • Honest Communication: We encourage honest dialogue between student, parent, instructor, and program manager to engage everyone in the educational process.

Customer Recourse

We believe that consistency, fairness, and respect are the basis for all good relations. If you have a question or concern, let us know - we will work to resolve the issue quickly.

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